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Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

Its Halloween time again at the Disneyland Resort, and this time of year brings several nights to wear your finest Halloween costumes and spend a few evening hours gathering treat, and riding your favorite rides.

The evening set for this event are pricey, but offer an evening of fun with smaller numbers of people waiting in line for your favorite rides. And you get a bag full of treats in the process.

He is the list of nights.

 Friday September 26 $56-$70

Tuesday September 30 $56-$70

Friday October 3  $56-$70

Monday October 6 $56-$70

Wednesday October 8 $56-$70

Friday October 10 $70

Tuesday October 14 $56-$70

Friday October 17 $70

Monday October 20 $56-$70

Wednesday October 22 $63-$70

Friday October 24 $70

Monday October 27 $63-$70

Wednesday October 29 $70

Friday October 31 $77

These nights reduce the number of people in the Park,  and make it easy to ride all your favorite rides.

Sad Mickey

Just a quick update on whats been going on with me. A few months ago I was experiences a bit of a health problem. It all resulted in a trip to the hospital, lots of tests, and surprises.

I’ll tell more later, but for now, know that it’s been a really long time since I’ve been to Disneyland for days of fun.