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Archive for the ‘Do You have a Disneyland Obsession?’ Category

photo by David Potter

Well every once in a while you run across someone that truly has a Disneyland Obsession. Johna and Tim Blair are just such a couple. They turned their entire home into a shrine for Mickey. You can read the entire article here.

Johna and Tim Blair’s Story

And if the house ever goes up for sale notify me, I’d love to live there.

Of course they would have to sell all of those keepsakes with the house.

See Ya In The Parks!

During the Year of a Million Dreams at Disneyland, each day one lucky person was selected to be the Honorary Grand Marshal. They were given special recognition and got to lead the parade down Main Street USA.  Along with this special treatment they also got the keys to the Dream Suite, the very Dream Suite envisioned by Walt himself. The winner was allowed to invite family or friends to join him or her, for an overnight stay in all of this Royal Disney treatment. It had to be an unforgetable expierence for each winner, and to think that every day another person was selected to enjoy these very special treats. I made several trips to Disneyland that year hoping to be selected as the Grand Marshal. I know that my family and I would not have slept much, just trying to soak it all in.

Lindsay DuncanBut it was fun watching the winners parade down Main Street USA, knowing what was in store for them. Here’s photos of a couple of them. Lindsay Duncan of Bakersfield California, and Daniel Rosen from Oak Park California.

I would love to hear from Lindsay or Daniel and hear their story. If you know them ask them to write a comment on the page. Then I’ll be able to share their stories with our readers.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

From left: Allen, Joshua, Daniel and Ben Rosen, Disneyland’s “Mayor of Main Street,” Betty Shaye and Jan Rosen.

Daniel Rosen