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Archive for the ‘The People You Meet At Disneyland’ Category

On our last visit to the Disneyland Resort I had the great pleasure to meet up with a Twitter friend named Darin.  I have been Twitter friends with Darin for a while now, and have always appreciated his willingness to help with advice and answers to any question that Disneyland visitors could have. Darin is a cast member working in the transportation department at Disneyland.

We only had a short time to chat, as we were both running in different directions, on a busy day at Disney California Adventure Park. But the next time I’m in the Parks, I hope to sit down at dinner and just have a long slow chat with a Disneyland friend.

If you’d like to make a new Disneyland friend, you can follow Darin on Twitter at


Send him a Tweet and say hi, then watch for him at the Parks, cause he’s there lots.

Thanks again Darin, see ya soon!

A young honeymoon couple from Ireland, that we met on our trip to Disneyland

Every time that I make a trip to the Disneyland Resort, I make a special effort to be friendly and open, and chat with strangers. Let’s face it everyone at Disneyland is more like family anyway, then they would ever be a stranger. This trip was no exception. But what was different was that I found myself in line to ride the swinging gondolas on the Mickey fun wheel, with my daughter and her friend, Kimberly. None of us had ever ridden before, so we were a little nervous. When we loaded onto the ride, we were teamed up with a young couple, and began to chat. Their names were Hazel and Shane, newlyweds from Ireland, off traveling the world on their honeymoon. I asked if they had been on this ride before, each said this was their first time, and I confessed that it was our first time too. So here we were a bunch of rookies, about to get the thrill of our lives.
I had never tried the swinging gondolas before, because I wasn’t really sure I’d like that sensation. But this time was different because my daughters friend Kimberly was with us, she wanted to ride , and we all just jumped in line. My daughter didn’t like the ride, Kimberly was ok with it, but not crazy about it. And I was having the time of my life, laughing with Hazel and Shane, about this crazy thing we got ourselves into.
It was a joy to visit with these new Disneyland friends, they had visited Florida, Las Vegas, and now were playing around Disneyland, what a great way to start their life’s together. I hope they get to see this post, maybe add a little of their opinions on the ride. But for sure I want to say thanks for the visit, I really enjoyed meeting you. Hope someday to meet up again, ( on a ride that we all will like better). And I wish for you Hazel and Shane, a long and happy life together.

So to say again thanks you two, you made the experience extra fun. Here’s an Irish blessing for you.

May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.
And nothing but happiness come through your door.