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Archive for the ‘Disney California Adventure’ Category

On our most recent visit to the Disneyland Resort, we were able to experience o little of the Mad T Party.  To say experience is an understatement, because as soon as you enter through the “rabbit hole” you are immediately immersed into a wild a whimsical musical fantasy. A magical place filled with the most unusual characters, flashing lights, and penetrating music and dance you could ever imagine.To step through the rabbit hole was an adventure into a world where the dream does indeed become the reality.

My favorite of all the sights was the pink flamingo’s that could be seen moving throughout the crowd and interacting with them.

I was fascinated by the skill and balance these two display.

As the guest enter in through the rabbit hole, they are drowned in the lights and sound and energy of this newest entertainment offered by Disney.

Crazy characters and costumes were everywhere, you might even bump into Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb.

It all was great fun and if you get a chance to go down the rabbit hole, jump in with both feet. You’ll be jumping till the music ends.

Remember too, there are Mad T Party Souvenir Drinks available at the party. Adult beverages and kid safe beverages are available.