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Archive for the ‘Disneyland Obsession News’ Category

The Disney imagineers have been hard at work creating a new land to be installed at the Parks in Anaheim Ca. and Florida. This new land will expand the experience for everyone that has love for the movie Stars Wars.

Star Wars Land

The new land will be the largest expansion to the Disneyland Park in Anaheim history covering 14 acres,  rumored to be from the area currently called Thunder Ranch and property next to the spot.Future Star Wars Land

The entire project will take several months to complete, but will add a brand new land to play in at the Parks. After seeing what was created at Cars Land for its construction, I can’t wait to see what they do in Star Wars Land.

This was found on line :

Disneyland Today
Disneyland Today – Verified account ‏@DisneylandToday

@PaulYankees It’s going to be in the Big Thunder Ranch area, inclusive of some backstage locations.
9:21 PM – 15 Aug 2015


Watch the video to see what was shared at D23.



See Ya In The Parks!

See Ya In The Parks!

Sad Mickey

Sorry to say that lately Disneyland Obsession has been inundated by those horrible people that hope to post to the web site “spam”. I’ve been fighting it on a daily basis, removing hundreds of bogus comments. For now I’m done fighting, and hope that if comments are not allowed (temporarily) they’ll just go away, and pester someone else. So all you website owners look out, they may be coming your way.

Sometime in the future I’ll turn the comments back on, because I do enjoy the input from all of you (except the spammers), and in the mean time please feel free to write me through the Contact Us Page.