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On our trip to see Cars Land in August 2012, we were determined to experience a little more of the restaurants and snakes offered in Disney California Adventures newest land. So one one morning instead of running over to get on the rides first, we made our way over to Flo’s for breakfast.


It was the perfect thing to do that particular morning. We walked right in, almost no waiting. And what we found was a great selection of breakfast items on the menu. Now I had heard from others that it was a great place to start your day at the Parks. That the offerings were tasty and reasonably priced to boot.

I ordered the scrambled eggs, country potatoes, bacon and a biscuit. It was great, arrived warm, attractive presentation, and ample portions.

I also ordered the French toast, served with salted caramel and banana, YUMMMMM!

I just had to try this dish. I shared it with everyone at the table, and we still ended up leaving a little on the plate, just to much for us to eat along with our breakfast

Now the French Toast is in the form of sticks covered in a warm caramel sauce, topped with a slice of banana. It’s a small portion, but I think it would be hard to eat to much of this sweet dish first thing in the morning.

One of the people traveling with us had the kids breakfast. Scrambled eggs bacon , country potatoes, and fruit. It was beautiful, still generous portions, and she was thrilled to have the fruit as an offering.

So in closing, my opinion is that Flo’s V 8 Cafe is a great place to start your day. Keep the secret, while everyone else is running to the new attractions found in Cars Land, you just stroll up to Flo’s for breakfast. You’ll be glad you did.

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