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Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

It’s been one year since Cars Land open in June 2012. Millions have walked down the narrow street filled with all the familiar images of Flo’s V8 Cafe, Luigi’s Tires, and Matters Junkyard Jamboree, making there way to Radiator Springs Racers.

Entering Through the Cars Land Arch

It was June 10th 2012, my family and I walked through the blue walls that surrounded the treasure that had been hidden for what seemed like for ever, as Imagineers worked to bring to life in this new land. We had been fortunate enough to get tickets to preview Cars Land a few days before the official grand opening. It allowed us to visit under conditions that were ideal, and allowed us to just casually stroll down route 66 as if we were the only inhabitants.  The whole experience was a real joy. An experience that I will remember my whole life. We were able to spend four hours exploring every inch of the new Cars Land, and for once I knew what it felt like to be a person of privilege.


Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

All the cast members were having as much fun as the guest, as we all became familiar with Disney’s newest land. Everything was brand new and shiny , you could even smell the newness of the pavement, as you walked along. Radiator Springs Racers was the grandest experience of all, taking riders through canyon walls with beautiful sights at every turn.

And at night it’s truly overwhelming.

Cars Land

And now it’s a year old, there’s been a few subtle changes, but I still feel the magic every time I walk down Route 66.


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