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Just an update for everyone looking for one of the best videos I have ever seen of Disney’s World of Color in Disney California Adventure Park. It comes to us from Clifflix, someone I found on Twitter.
Sit Back and enjoy.

A Tribute to “World of Color” by CLIFFLIX from CLIFFLIX on Vimeo.

Courtesy of Disney's Blue Sky Cellar

Courtesy of Disney's Blue Sky Cellar

The Paradise Bay in front of Paradise Pier will be transformed into a  work of art, by creating a wall of water with fountains and dancing water, that will rival  the most impressive showcase from the grand hotels of Los Vegas. The display includes over 1200 fountains capable of shooting water 200 feet into the air. The one thing that will set this World of Color display apart from all others is Disney Imagineers will be at the controls. They’ll deliver a show like no other, that will feature all of your favorite Disney characters, with lighting, fireworks music and more.

Courtesy of Disney's Blue Sky Cellar

Courtesy of Disney's Blue Sky Cellar

This show will be similar to Fantasmic in its scale and grandeur with seating for thousands of park guest. It is something that I am eager to see for myself but we all have to wait till sometime in 2010.

One Response to “World of Color”

  • Laura:

    We were just there (mid Oct) with our grandchildren. What a disappointment. Just a few rows back (standing) in what was supposed to be a great section and you could not see anything that wasn’t high enough up in the air.

    Watch the Clifflix video and don’t waste your time with this.

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