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IGLOO CORPORATION #44347 48QT Ice Cube Ice ChestWhen traveling to Disneyland by car, one thing that we do to make the trip a little easier,  is take a long along an ice chest with our favorite juices, soft drinks and even beer. This allows us to have all our favorite drinks and snacks with us. With blue ice it keeps everything cold and all in one place, while protecting the items you have in your suitcase from spills. Then on the return trip you can use the ice chest to transport all of those Disneyland souvenirs and keepsakes safely back home. And if you plan to take home some of those delicious treats from Marceline’s Confectionery for family and friends, just refreeze your blue ice and your good to go. If you want another idea, just freeze some water bottles that you plan to take on your trip, they will keep everything cold and be ready to take to the park for drinking water. Then you can even take those water bottles from your last night in the park,back to the hotel, fill them and freeze them to put back in your ice chest for the return trip home.

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