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Tinker and RachI’ve said before that some of the best times to visit the Disneyland Resort is the “off season”. What makes it the off season is the fact the kids are all back in school. The weather during some of these times may not cooperate, and may decide to rain on your vacation. Thats not a problem for those that have a Disneyland Obsession, they just pull out their handy, compact poncho, and keep on keeping on. There are many that say they love being at Disneyland when it rains, because all of the locals go home and wait for the sun to shine another day. This will leave you all alone n the park to ride any ride you want, it will feel like the park was opened just for you (and a few other hardy souls) its great. But be prepared to get a little wet around the ankles, and be sure to pack extra shoes to change into, should yours get wet. Remember that the hotels have laundry rooms that will allow you to dry the wet shoes and you’ll be ready to start again the next day.  “Let it Rain – Let it Rain – Let it Rain”

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