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From time to time, the folks at Disneyland just have to close a ride, it may be to repair it, or to change the decorations to tie it into the current holiday or celebration. Sometimes ride closure is for removal and replacement of the Attraction, but most often it’s just routine maintenance. These ride closings will affect your experience when visiting the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure Park, especially when the rides or attractions you love are the ones being closed for refurbishment. So it’s always a good idea to check for the latest information when planning the dates for your next visit. So make this the first step  of your Disneyland vacation planner.

You can check for a future date by clicking on the calendar and entering your dates.


11 Responses to “Disneyland Ride Closures”

  • Keana:

    We are going October 14….wil splash mountain and the haunted mansion be closed?!

    • Glenn:

      I don’t see anything that say’s there is a scheduled closing of either of these attractions.
      So have agreat day at Disneyland.

      • Keana:

        Thank you so much! (: I also heard that Indiana Jones was closed when my friends went last Sunday. And splash mountain was closed for water problems last Sunday…just wanna make sure or hopefully try and know that splash mountain is open because my 6 yr. old daughter is really excited about going on this ride!

        • Glenn:

          Your welcome Keana
          As you know there can always be unexpected closure from things just lie the water issue you spoke of. The things I try to report on here are the planned closures Disney has scheduled for routine maintance. But even I have been walked off rides that have broke down. Always a surprise, but a chance to see a ride from a whole new perspective.
          Weather looks like its going to be nice, so have fun.

  • Victoria:

    What feature attractions are closed during the week of October 22 through October 28, 2012? I have found some conflicting information on various websites.

    • Glenn:

      The only rides closed for refurbishment during the dates you listed, that I’m aware of at this time are, Indiana Jones Adventure,Casey Jr. Circus Trains,Storybook Land Canal Boats,it’s a small world. As always there is a chance for unannounced changes at any time. Hope that helps.
      Have a great trip!

  • Dave Metzger:

    We plan on visiting Disneyland in October this year. I know there will normally be a transition for the Haunted Mansion to Jacks House. What rides are NORMALLY closed in October?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Glenn:

      Closed during the first of the month.
      Indiana Jones, Casey Jr., Storybook Land Canal Boats, Goofy’s Playhouse.
      Haunted Mansion and Toy Story Midway Mania around the 5th or 6th
      Check the calander as you get closer to selecting your travel dates.

      Hope this helps you with your decision, and have a great trip.

  • chrisgibsonpb:

    Going to Disneyland 21 November 2011

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