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If your like so many families today, one of the main conciderations when taking a trip is what to do with the dog. The Disneyland resort has provided a solutution to that question, they have a kennel, right there at the main entrance to the Disneyland Park. It’s a clean and well staffed facility, and even has an area for you to walk your pet. The fee is only $20.00 dollars for all day, which convienientlly solves that question. You will have to find a pet friendly Hotel, and some of the Good Neighbor Hotels are set to assist you with your pet. The Disneyland Kennel does require you to return every few hours to spend time with your pet, which give you and Fido a break in the day. Here’s some of the info you’ll need to know.

Indoor kennel facilities for the Disneyland Resort are located to the right of the Main Entrance of Disneyland Park. The kennel is available for a charge of $20.00. There are no facilities for overnight accommodations.

The Disneyland Kennel Club and County of Orange requires rabies, distemper, and hepatitis vaccination certificates from your vet in order to board dogs over four months of age. Cats over four months old need proof of vaccination for rabies, distemper, hepatitis, panleulaopenia, rhinotracheitus and calcivirus.

So plan that trip and take your pet with you to share in the fun, you’ll be glad you did.

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