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courtesy of Tales Of The Mouse Hous

courtesy of The Tales Of The Mouse House Podcast

Al and Joyce from the Tales From The Mouse House Podcast, have only recently joined the world of  Podcasting, but have been Disneyland Fans for a long time. They  recently took a ride at the Disneyland Resort in the Tender of Engine No. 2, the E.P. Ripley, which was named after a past president of the Santa Fe Railroad. They video taped the entire ride, it’s an up front look at the workings of a steam locomotive, all the while conducting an interview of the Engineer and Fireman, as they made their way around Disneyland.

courtesy of The Tale From The Mouse House Podcast

Engineer Bob and Fireman Jim answer every question and provide enough information to turn just about anyone into a Disneyland Train Engineer. It’s a great look at the workings of the Disneyland Railroad, that few people ever get a chance to experience. They were kind enough to let me share this unique video with you, the Disneyland Obsession readers. So thanks to Al and Joyce here’s your chance to climb in the cab of the E.P. Ripley, “All Aboard”!

courtesy of The Tale From The Mouse House Podcast

Be sure to check out their Podcast, here’s a link to take a Ride in the Tender have fun. And here is a link to the Tales From The Mouse House Podcast. Be sure to check them out, together they have a relaxed and comfortable podcast, that is easy to listen to, while they share their love of Disneyland.

Thanks again to Al and Joyce.

See Ya In The Parks!

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