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Being a pastry chef is a sweet job at the Disneyland Resort. This is another of those behind the scenes videos , highlighting the talents of cast members from all around the Disneyland Resort. This video shows off the talents of people who chose the career of  bakers and pastry chefs at Disneyland. Watch as they turn flour and sugar into beautiful works of art. What a great place to be an apprentice pastry chef, working with some of the most talent in the industry, and working at Disneyland.


And here is a look at another Sweet Job at the Disneyland Resort, The job of Candy Maker. I know for me there’s no way to go to Disneyland and not take a few minutes to stop by the Candy Shop. It’s great fun to watch the confectioneers making magic with chocolate. Be sure to stop by the shop, especially if you have little ones along.

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