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This page will be the home of Disney Odds and Ends. A place where we can share things about the entire world of Disney, things that are interesting, a little unusual or just plain fun.

The first item that we present here is a time lapse video taken at WDW.. It reminds me a little of the the old clay-mation videos of days gone by. I know it it’s not Disneyland, but it is Disney, so give it a look, and enjoy!

We’ll keep scouring the world to bring you even more Disney Odds & Ends.

And if you discover something Disney and  a little different drop us a note and we will try to share it with the rest of our readers.

And here is another similar video, only this one cover the Disney Cruise Line.

I have never seen one of these Ginger Bread Houses in person but I have seen a few photos of the  Disneyland bakers creations, and here is a video for all of us to see.

So what goes on after hours at the Disneyland resort? Here’s your answer.

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