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This photo comes from the area known as the Tree house at the edge of Adventureland. The tree house was originally know as the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house, and as fewer and fewer young folks knew who the Swiss Family Robinson was, Disney decided to convert the tree house to a more contemporary setting, Tarzan’s Tree house. The basic structure is the same, with most changes coming in images and sounds you experience once inside. I remember well the Swiss Family Robinson Tree house from my youth, I didn’t remember how hard the climb to the top of the tree could be. So a word of advice when climbing to the top for anyone over the age of 12, go slow the climb may kill you ( just kidding) but it will take your breath away.

This photo is one of my favorites because the idea of a boat stuck up in a tree is just to much.

If you would like to see or share  with your kids the original Swiss Family Robinson movie heres a link.

Swiss Family Robinson

I think everyone by now has seen photos of the Matterhorn Mountain, but this one will always be a favorite of mine. We had planned our trip to try to take advantage of mid week and off season, and it really paid off. As we entered the park we could see the attendance was light, the weather great, and the Park was all ours. Thats when I realized that I would be able to focus on the beauty that surrounded us, and not be looking straight ahead for my next step to avoid other guest. On that trip I saw things I had never noticed before. It was a beautiful day at Disneyland.

This photo comes from the Grizzly Peak area inside Disney California Adventure Park, Taken from one of the observation areas. Just one of the several waterfalls in the area around the Peak.

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