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I decided to post this photo because in the near future this view will be gone. As has been reported before on Disneyland Obsession, Disney has plans to alter the Hotel grounds. It’s something that the have done several times over the years, and I suppose will do several times more. But this photo comes from one of our first family visits, and brings back happy memories for the entire family. I spent lots of time standing at the balcony of our room just looking at the incredible views, both in the morning and evening. It was a surprise  for me when I noticed Tinkerbell’s image in the pool. It took me a couple of shots before I was able to get a decent picture. And it still isn’t the best, just to much zoom.

Here’s a favorite photo of mine because we are all in the photo. Most of the time people run around the Parks taking pictures of each other, which means someones behind the camera at all times. On this day we were walking through Downtown Disney, a place we love to stroll, when I decided that this could be a nice spot for a photo. While snapping the shot, a lady said “would you like for me to take a picture of all of you”. I eagerly accepted and here is the photo she took. I now make it a policy on every trip to the Disneyland Resort, when someone is taking a group picture, I offer to take it for them. It’s a cool way to “Pass It Forward” and repay the good deed that was done for me. Give it a try!

This photo is from our very first visit to Disneyland during the Christmas holidays. It was an awesome trip, one that we carefully planned to avoid the large crowds. But we could not avoid the occasional rain shower that blew through during our 4 day trip. A few of my Disneyland Obsession friends have said they love going to Disneyland when it rains, because everyone goes home leaving the park to the brave or crazy Disneyland fanatics. They were right, and we enjoyed the Parks as if they had reserved the entire place just for us. We especially loved the makeover at the Haunted Mansion, it is now our favorite time of year to ride those Doom Buggies through the Mansion. If you ever get a chance to visit during the Christmas Holiday, do it! You’ll be glad you did. It requires a little extra preparations, but the Holidays are a very magical time of year at Disneyland.

During one of our visits, the well know Tom Sawyers Island had been recently converted to Pirates Lair. We explored all the caves and corners of the island, and found many hidden treasures that Disney had placed everywhere. Little did we know when we traveled to the island that we would be right in the middle of Pirates and music, with a reenactment of sorts of the movie that featured the character Capt. Jack Sparrow. The entire event was a great deal of fun, which included the participation of those park guest in  attendance.

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