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8 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • Karla:

    Hi, I was planning to go to Disneyland between the 3rd or 4th week of April and I just want to know which week would you recommend the most to visit ?

    • Glenn:

      Hi Karla
      Been digging around, and for all I can see that 4th week might be the better of the two. I can’t see anything that’s happening that would cause me to change my mind.
      Area grammer schools will be in session, Easter and Spring Break visitors should be back at home. And add to that the folks at Disneyland have canceled the Southern California 2 for 1 “off season dscount” deal, that made it easy for SoCal Park goers to visit during the so called off season, which is January to May. which I think should also slow down Park attendance, at least a little.
      So get out there and have some fun.
      See ya in the Parks!

  • Tina:

    I am planning a family trip to DL Sep 29-Oct 2 2013. It’ll be a first for my little ones and my hubby, and in a way, for me too. Last time I was there, Splash Mountain was brand new (and broken down :))California Adventure and DT Disney didn’t exist… for that matter, neither did Paradise Pier Hotel or The Grand Californian! I want everything to be perfect. We are staying at a Disney hotel and I have been trying to decide what rides may be closed (can’t find anything official yet). So, do you know what rides are “generally” closed during that time? I would love to actually get to ride Spash Mountain this time and my faves are Haunted Mansion and Pirates (who doesn’t love them?) Thanks so much!

    • Glenn:

      Hi Tina
      First off, let say to be sure and check out the ride closures for Septener 2012, on this web site.that will give you an indication of what rides may be affected next year. As you’ll see, most closures take place in the early part of September, right after school starts back up. Disney uses this “quieter time” to begin the holiday make over. So I think your dates should be pretty good. As always there can be unforeseen closures, those you’ll just have to roll with.
      Staying at the Disneyland Hotel should provide you with early entry one day during your stay, and maybe other perks like a special fast pass or two. Disney has done this in the past and may still be during your visit.
      Your in for a whole new experience, as so much has changed, Cars Land alone is really something to see. World of Color at DCA is incredible don’t miss it. Right now there are dine and view deals, eat at select restraunts, and receive preferred seating(actually its standing) for World of Color.
      Do a Character breakfast, Goofy’s Kitchen is there at the Hotel, that way the kids can see lots of characters, saving some running around for thse keepsake photos. Catch the parades, the fire works, Aladdin, anything that will get you out of a line so you can just absorb some Disney. That way your husband you and the kids will build a memory that will last a lifetime.
      Hope that helps, you should have a great time. Stop back and let us know how it goes.

  • Minnie:

    Hi! My husband and I plan on taking a trip to Disneyland December 16-19 but were worried about how bad the crowds might be then. Do you have any tips or advice for traveling during those days?

    • Glenn:

      Hi Minnie
      As you may already know, the Christmas season is one of the busiest times at the Disneyland Resort. I for one am hoping that with the new Cars Land, and Buena Vista Street having the potential to be decorated for the Holidays in the 1920s feel, that all those people will be spread across the two Parks.
      I can say that all of the area schools will out for the Holiday starting the 15, so crowds will grow from there.
      Its real important that you remember that it Christmas time, and you are at Disneyland. So relax enjoy the Holiday, make dinner reservations at the Carthay Circle Theater, or Blue Bayou. you could even take the Monorail to Downtown Disney, and hit Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen or Steakhouse 55, or the Napa Rose at the Grand. Just make it a Holiday to remember.
      Dont spend all your time running around the Parks, instead stroll take in the sights and sounds.
      Always be prepared for rainy weather, dress warm, and carry emergency ponchos or rain gear(they make them small enough to put in your pocket). Don’t laugh lots of people do stay and play in the rain, so you won’t be alone.
      So in short go, ride your favorite rides, shop, try resturants
      you’ve never tried before, take loads of pictures, and sing a Christmas carol or two. /;-)
      Have a Disney Merry Christmas!

  • Tara:

    First of all, I wanted to let you know how appreciative I am of your website, as it has been SO helpful to me while booking my first “family” trip to Disneyland! My me, the hubby, and our daughter (she will be 1 week from turning 3) are planning on going to Disneyland for 4 days Sun, April 28 – Wed, May 1, 2013. My daughter is OBSESSED with Mickey’s Soundsational Parade (we found it on youtube, and she watches it every day!), and I want to really make sure she will get to see it when we go. In your professional Disney opinion, will the parade still be running, and if so, will we be able to see it on the dates we visit (visiting during the week as opposed to the weekend/not during any “peak” park days)? I’m willing to change the days of our trip just to see my little girl get to watch this parade live! Thank you so much for your time.

    • Glenn:

      Thanks for the kind words Tara.I really don’t consider myself anything more that a big Disneyland Fan, I have a Disneyland Obsession! I started this website to share my joy of Disneyland with others. And hopefully share some of the tips I have learned in my trips with my wife and little girl. I did reply to your other post, and hope that you have a great time.
      Your Disneyland Friend

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