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Here we will provide you with the latest information, for current money saving offers from the Disneyland Resort. These special offers can change without notice, and are often available for a limited time only.

Disney offers many discounts on Park Hopper Tickets, as well as Hotel accommodations throughout the year

To ensure that the money saving offer from Disneyland that you are interested in is still valid, be sure to check the

Disneyland website for any updates.

2 Responses to “Money Saving Offers For Disneyland”

  • I’m traveling to Disneyland on September 24 and I”m interested in discount tickets.

    • Glenn:

      Hi Sylvia.
      There really isn’t anything much that I can say. Discount tickets are available to AAA members and some Southern California resident discounts are also available, as well as others from time to time.So check out the Disneyland website for discounts and special offers, you may find just what your looking for.
      I’ve seen websites that offer a Discount ticket, not sure how they work, and this is not a personal recommendation of their service.
      This is one example. I believe that they purchase tickets that have UN-used days left on them and sell those days to you. Making a single day visit to the park, I suppose a person could contact them to learn more, and if it doesn’t work buy tickets at the main gate of Disneyland.
      Good luck, and let us know if you use this service and how it worked for you.

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