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Every once in a while you find someone that demonstrates a great deal of talent, blended with a great deal of passion. I found this in of all places, a You Tube member that goes by the name DreamImagineCreate.

His real name is Christopher, and he is a real talented guy with a passion or should I say an Obsession for Disneyland. Christopher has put up videos on his You Tube account that shows his work at miniaturizing Disneyland. It’s all pretty cool. Here is a couple of his videos, that shows some of his work.

Here’s a link

And I’m sad to say that he has dismantled it all to move. But I felt that it was important for me to recognize the hard work he did creating his Disneyland. Christopher I hope that you continue with your project at your new home.

Please accept this award as my tribute to you.



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