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If your planning a visit to the Disneyland Resort in September, here is some information you’ll need. When visiting in September you’ll want to keep in mind that you do have one major holiday that is always in the first Monday of the month, Labor Day. Labor Day is the first break in the school year, and takes place when the weather is still nice. So expect everyone to be at the Parks for this holiday. And watch for the annual event called Daper Day, a day when attendees wear Daper clothes get all dressed up, and hit the Parks.

 Average Temperature Highs in the mid 80s

Lows in the mid 60s

Rain fall is usually non existent

Crowd levels are usually good, around 50 % capacity

September Park Hours

Parks open 8 – 9 am

Close 10 – 12 midnight

Disney Half Marathon continues to September 2

It was reported that the marathon had 21000 entrants during 2013, with family and friends attending too, the park was extra busy. So if your not running the race, avoid the Parks during race week.

Labor Day falls during the first part of the month, so schedule accordingly.

Halloween Time begins Mid September with Mickeys Halloween Party. This event will bring large crowds on select nights to the parks, and if you don’t have tickets for this event, you’ll be asked to leave early to make room for those that do have tickets.

And remember that some attractions will be affected as the park works on converting  to the Halloween Season. Major attractions that are impacted will be, Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, and others. The time and duration that these rides are closed varies.

And remember that some attractions may be closed during this time of year for refurbishment, as we enter the “off season”

For the most part, your best days to visit the Park in September should be weekdays.

The information on this page is based on historical data, and subject to change.  This information is only intended to be a tool, to help with your vacation plans.

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