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Visiting Disneyland In December

Courtesy of Disney

If your visiting the Disneyland Resort at Christmas time, here’s information that will be helpful

Christmas is a very busy time at the Disneyland Resort, in fact December has been  the month seeing  the highest number of visitors in past years. With all the Holiday decorations, special Christmas parade,  Fireworks, and Santa, family’s flock to Disneyland.

Rain is possible in December, so you should be prepared for possible cold , wet, wind, and rain.

On some occasions the Fireworks could be cancel due to high winds.

Daytime temperatures are lows in the 40’s and highs in the 70’s

Area  Schools let out for the Christmas season beginning the 15th of December 2012.  So expect higher numbers of Park guest after this date.

The Park will open 8:00 or 9:00 am and close between 9:00 and Midnight, depending on the day of the week.

The best times to visit the Parks would be early December, remembering that as the day progresses more and more people will be arriving, to catch all the decorations, and nighttime celebration at the Disneyland Resort.

The Christmas season is a great time to visit the Disneyland Resort. Just take your family knowing that it might be crowded, you might have bad weather, and its Christmas, and there is no place on earth like Disneyland for Christmas!

You won’t believe it when it snows! 0_0

One Response to “Visiting Disneyland In December”

  • Glenn:

    A Christmas Visit in January.

    Just wanted to jump in and say that right now my nephew and his family are visiting the Disneyland Resort. We’ve been texting back and forth, and I’ve been very interested in his thoughts on his first ever visit at the tale end of the Christmas Holiday.
    His first words were, ” I’ve never seen this many people at Disneyland, ever”. He shared a couple of photos, and he wasn’t kidding, the area around the rivers of America looked like Fantasmic was almost ready to start. He loves the decorations, the snow and of course, being at Disneyland, but not crazy about all the people.
    So for those of you thinking that you can visit in early January to catch the Christmas decoration, and avoid some of the crowd, be forewarned, it may not work out.
    For me I still say, november and early December is better for a Christmas visit.
    If you have any thoughts, share them here.

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