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Courtesy of Disney


 If your planning a visit to the Disneyland Resort,

Here are some of the first questions you’ll ask yourself.




How can I hope to get the most of  the money I spend, and maybe improve my chance to avoid large crowds, and have a great vacation.

The best way to get the biggest bang for your buck, is to try and spend more time on rides and attractions and less time standing in line. If your able to walk straight onto your favorite rides because of shorter lines and fewer people. You can accomplish in two days what might take someone else 3 or more days. And it’s not just rides that can impact your visit but also your wait time for restaurants and snack carts and stores. It’s just more relaxing to walk through the Parks with fewer people.

Whats going on when I am planning my visit to Disneyland?

Are any holidays scheduled? Any community wide events attracting large crowds to Anaheim? Games, Marathons, premieres, conventions?

What month might be better for us to visit the Disneyland Resort?

If you have the ability to be flexible in which month or week you book for your trip, you may be able to minimize the chances for hitting the Parks when everyone is there for a “Special”occasion

What can  I expect in the way of weather during the month I want to visit?

Not everyone loves Disneyland in the rain, but believe or not there are some who head for Disneyland when the forecast calls for rain. But if your prefer clear sailing, then chose one of those months that have expectations of good weather for your trip. That way you’ll  reduce the chance of it raining on your parade.

Will there likely be a lot of people at the Parks during my visit?

I use to work for  a man that said “People are like grapes and bananas, they always come in bunches” But you’ll  want to try to stand out, be an individual, and plan your visit when all the others are busy with other things. As always people have to work, go to school, in general people have routines very similar to yours.  So break out of the routine, and that’s when you can improve your visit to the Parks. No one can predict what might happen with weather, and other unforeseen events. But by looking at past trends , you could improve your chances at having a great vacation.

So here is a list of all the months of the year, and I will attempt to provide you with information for each month, information on what you might expect for visiting Disneyland month by month.

Pick the month you plan to visit Disneyland.














4 Responses to “Visiting Disneyland Month By Month”

  • Jamie:


    We are trying to plan a trip to Disneyland. We will be driving from Utah and staying in Carlsbad from approx. 12/16-12/25.(Dates are flexible, its just easier to include our work days off 24th and 25th). We wanted to drive up from Carlsbad and go to D-land one day during the week before Christmas. Is this a bad idea? My husband is not a fan of Disneyland, but I’m being persistent since our kids are 8,5,1. I wanted a magical experience. I took our oldest (by myself) when she was 5 and it was amazing, the best memory I have of her. I want my 5 yr old to have the same experience. Last time I went it was September and it was not busy at all. Due to my husbands job it is easier to take time off in the winter. The condo is a timeshare that we need to use before the end of the year. I want the experience to be good for my husband, he has never been, however he’s not very excited to go. He dreads the lines and crowds. Will the crowd be awful, or too busy? He suggested going the week before Thanksgiving, but I didn’t know which would be worse. Since we are staying further away it will be a one day event. What are your thoughts on this? Also, will the fireworks and parade be going on? I’ve heard that tues, weds, or thurs are best to visit the park? Also, what is the best character dining experience? I appreciate your expertise. :0)

    • Glenn:

      Hi Jamie
      Thanks for the kind words and vote of confidence.
      You are looking at a very busy time of year. Of the dates you mentioned I think the better dates in December will be the 18th through the 20th, it’s mid week, and most times that keeps attendance levels a little lower. But these dates are still Christmas vacation dates, so I really expect it to still be busy. The week before Thanksgiving “might” be a little better, but even then I would expect it to be busy too. You didn’t say wether you had vacation days in November, so not sure it would be as convenient to take a mid week day to go then.
      As for a character breakfast, I have on many trips dined at the Plaza Inn for “Minnie & Friends – Breakfast in the Park” Character Dining. It’s a little pricy, but loads of characters show up, some you won’t find often anywhere else, and the food is great.
      Just put on a warm coat, take rain gear, just in case it rains, and take in as much magic you can. Find a spot like the Carthay Circle theater lounge, to sit a while, buy your husband a beer, and a sandwich and get out of the crowds for a bit. Plan your day with breakfast, a couple of rides, lunch, a couple of rides, Parades, a couple of rides, dinner, followed by fireworks or world of color.

      It’s Christmas and you’ll be at Disneyland. Magic for your kids will be everywhere, which will be magic for you and your husband. Tell your husband to let that little boy out that he keeps hidden most of the time, and have fun!
      Merry Christmas

      • Jamie:

        Thanks for the help. Our plans got rearranged and now we are vacationing the week after Thanksgiving. What are your thoughts on this?? We’re locked in now so I guess it is what it is ;0). We’ll try the breakfast, is it better than Goofy’s Kitchen?

        • Glenn:

          Jamie, I think you nailed it. That week should be great for smaller crowds, and area school will be back in session. And as for me I prefer the breakfast in the park, over Goofy’s.
          I suspect that you will be more than glad you made this choice.
          Have fun!

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