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So here I am, a big fan of all things Disney, and I get an Idea to take a trip to Walt Disney World in Florida. Only there’s one great big problem, I’ve never been to Walt Disney World.  I admit it, all these years and I’ve never had the time to make that trip, till now.

It is kind of scary, leaving everything you know about Disney Parks, leaving everything that you have grown to be so comfortable with, leaving a place that you know like the back of your hand, and venturing into the wilds of Florida to explore the great unknown.

 Walt Disney World

Sure it’s still Disney and it’s patterned after the original Park in California, but at the same time it’s spread out over acres and acres, and has places never seen in Disneyland. So what do you do? how and where to begin? how do I get around? Where to stay? This was how the questions began to flood my brain, and I set about trying to gain a little insight in the answers by approaching my Twitter friends for advice.

Here are some of the suggestion I received:

Beth at

Beth Doda@disneymom2jhe

Ok, here it is 🙂 I could have made this much longer, but this is a good start! LOL! …


@goddessofmath just did a great top 5 series that takes you around Walt Disney World


Melony at

Mouseward Bound @mousewardbound

As a Canadian, I would definitely recommend Le Cellier. DELICIOUS! And make sure you see Off Kilter in Epcot! They rock!

If you want a good meal with no reservation and not too fancy: we love the Morocan quick service restaurant! Yummy!


Dean at

Disney Dean@DisneyDean

To me, Ohana is INSANELY good food at the Polynesian hotel. The whole experience is amazing. I eat way too much though lol.

My must – do’s are always 1) 50’s Primetime Cafe at Hollywood Studios 2) Ohana character dining 3) night shows

Believe it or not, some would disagree with me, but I simply adore Wishes at Magic Kingdom. I could watch every night.


Chris at

Chris Glass@TheChrisGlass

philharmagic. Expedition everest. Skip Fantasmic.


Adam at

Adam Disney 🙂@DisneysBestCM

omg yes. Skip fantasmic…go drink around the world….


Carl at

Carl Jones@Youthguy07

I highly recommend the Hoop-de-doo dinner show at the Fort Wilderness campground. And of course Illuminations at EPCOT.

Suzzanna @zannaland:

I love just walking around and drinking in the details, not rushing to all the rides. Lots of great dining too!


These represent just a few of the ideas I have received, and you can see that all of them provide a little glimpse into the World’s “Must Do’s”.

I have a better idea now of the things that I must do, but if you can add any advice or opinions I would love to hear your ideas. Just post in the comments, the things you always do when you visit the Walt Disney World.

I like to send a special shout out to everyone that has contributed ideas to make  my first Walt Disney World trip a great one. And if you would like to make a great new Disney friend, just follow the folks above, they are the BEST!

For me, I think this whole experience of a first trip to Walt Disney World,

will feel something like, a California Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

look out World here I come.

See Ya In The Parks!

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