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Our day started out  way to early in the morning. The moon had only just set when the alarm went off. With a great deal of difficulty, I rose out of bed to begin our day.
Cindy had insisted that we set the alarm at 2:30, to be sure that we arrive at the airport at an early enough time to be able to explore and find our way through the new terminal B at Sacramento International Airport.

A terminal, that to the first time visitor makes little sense, and finding our way was to say the least a challenge.

Once we had made our way through the check in,and headed up stairs to the gates, we still had about an hour to wait before boarding our plane. A plane that was to take us to Denver, before continuing on our journey.

This is when I found out that the plane, in the tradition of Disneyland, was to be the grand circle tour of America. Our planes route was to include a stop in Philadelphia on our way to Orlando.
Yes my wife had told me that there was to be a lay over in Denver, and she even said that she thought there was one more stop on the trip,  to let passengers off, but wasn’t sure.

As we sat there listening to the crew member in Denver announce that flight 1346 was now boarding, I heard him say that this flight was to route through Philly on its way to Orlando.

Now I’m pretty sure right now your saying the  same thing I said,
” Philly to Orlando”?

Being the natural optimise that I am, I thought that’s cool, maybe we’ll see the Liberty Bell or something. Ok I lied, I know we were not getting off the plane, so really that’s not going to happen. But we will be in Philly for Gods sake!

For a guy that’s never, never been farther east than Reno, I can now say with great pride that I have been to Denver, Philly, Orlando, and Tampa, ” the hard way”.

We boarded the plane in Sacramento at 6:45 a.m. And arrive in Orlando at 8:00. With almost 12 hours of travel time, we could have made it to New Zealand in the same amount of time. LOL

For the most part , I’m one of those people that really doesn’t like flying. It just doesn’t seem right cruising along at 38000 feet waiting for a flat tire, or run out of gas, or hit a bird or something. I mean if something was to go wrong, it’s a long way down before you can pull to the shoulder of the road to call a tow truck.

Denver Airport was huge, and we had a 2 hour lay over to explore a little and find something to eat. At the time we boarded the airplane for our second leg of the journey, I stepped into a shop to get earbuds so I could listen to music, because somehow in all my packing and re packing, I left mine on the desk at home. I was able to keep my IPad running the entire trip, playing games and music, thanks to the cool device I found that has the ability to recharge a phone or other device 3-4 times off of a single charge. Pretty handy for someone traveling, or spending all day in the parks.

The second leg was for the most part uneventful, my wife slept most of it, but as we neared Philadelphia, she went to the restroom and on her return to her seat passed out in the back of the plane. It sounds terrible, but it’s something that has happened before on long flights. And has even happened when she was a kid a couple of times.

Yes I was concerned, but not frightened as the flight attendants went to work, asking for help from medical personnel that might be on the plane. A nurse reported to the back of the plane to lend a hand, checking blood pressure, Respiration, and the rest. While the captain kept in touch to see if he needed to put the plane down early. But we continued on with everything improving till she was able to convince everyone she was fine and returned to her seat.

But the captain had still radioed ahead to the Philly airport and paramedics were waiting for us to check her out more thoroughly, and she did check out completely fine. I guess that the captain could have put us off the plane if he wasn’t convinced she was fine. And then we would have had some real difficulties trying to find a hotel for the night, and transportation to Florida, I hate to think about it. So we returned to the plane for the last and final leg of our all day ordeal to Orlando, arriving around 8:30 p.m.

My sister in law and nephew met us at the airport to get us to our Hotel. They brought with them a hand full of kids, they had already booked rooms at the same Hotel, with the intention of sharing our first day at Walt Disney World, and being our guides around Hollywood Studios.

While we spent a total of 11 days in Florida, only 5 days were set aside for WDW, and I’m gad that was all we spent there, it wasn’t my favorite part of the trip. I’ll share my thoughts on that here.

Then all we had to do was successfully make our return flight home, without passing out.
All in all it was a great trip, 2 birthdays, 1 Thanksgiving, 5 days of Disney, and 6 days exploring Orlando, Tampa, Clearwater, Hardrock Casino, And a whole lot of family.

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