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Mickey laugh

Just like everyone else, I can’t be at the Parks as often as I’d like to be. So one of the things I do to quench my Disneyland thirst, is listen to Disneyland podcasts. Over the years I’ve found a few that really fill the bill. These podcast provide the listener with an opportunity to escape from the mundane chores of everyday life, and be immersed right into the middle of the magic. So here’s my list of favorites, check them out.

Window To The Magic

Paul Berry has been doing this podcast for years. His show is very polished, and for the most part he walks thought the park and records the sounds, it’s like your there with him.

The Disgeek Podcast

There’s several Disneyland Geeks on this podcast, all of them will quickly become friends. They get together and chat about current events taking place at the Parks. They have a lot of fun, and their chat becomes infectious.

Tales From The Mouse House Podcast

Here you’ll become friends with the host Al and Joyce. These two truly have a Disneyland Obsession. Their love of all things Disneyland really comes through, and they provide a great escape to your days waiting to get back to the Parks.

The Sweep Spot Podcast

This podcast is produced by former custodial workers, and provides a look into the Parks from the perspective of someone that actually worked inside. They do lots of research on attractions past and present. They also have lots of guest and provide great interviews for the listeners.
So do your self a big favor, and give these guys a listen when you can’t be at the Parks. It will help you get through those days away from Disneyland.