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Courtesy of Disney

Courtesy of Disney

This Rapid Ride Report highlights the rides and attraction that will be impacted during the month of August 2013, with temporary ride closures. You can use this info to help you prepare your next visit to the Disneyland Resort.


Haunted Mansion:

Closed:   August 26, 2013. trough August 31, 2013.


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad:

Closed: Continues on its multi months long refurbishment. But the good news is the work is getting closer to being completed.


Mad Tea Party:

Closed:  August 19, 2013 through August 29, 2013.


Matterhorn Mountain:

Closed:  August 19, 2013 through August 22, 2013. Closes again August 26, 2013 through     August   29, 2013.


For a complete list of Rides and Attractions check ride closures

And you can check the Disneyland Calendar for information on future dates.


On one of the days of our visit to Disney California Adventure Park, just before the beginning of school, we stopped off at the Carthay Circle Theater Lounge. We were hot, tired, and thirsty, and decided to take advantage of Disney’s newest offering located at the end of the new Buena Vista Street.

The atmosphere inside is very calm and quiet, just a few steps outside the doors you’ll find hundreds of people moving back and forth, passing quickly by on their way to another attraction. But inside the music is softly playing, and taking you back to the time  when life was savored just a little more than it is today.

Once inside,the comfortable chairs, the warm woods, and the soft lighting, invite you to site and linger a while. And that’s exactly what we did. We sat at the bar, and were greeted by Noel who welcomed us to the Carthay, presented us with a menu and answered all of our questions about the drinks etc. that the Carthay had to offer.

We decided that a cool drink would be the cure, for the heat and humidity we were finding outside in the street.

And we chose a Margarita.

All had crafted from scratch, presented with style, and oh so delicious.

When you find a good thing once is never enough. So the next day we returned with plans of expanding our experience. This time we also included our daughter Rachel and her friend, Kimberly. The trip had been arranged to celebrate their birthdays.

And it was our intention to try a few of the items on the menu, light snacks to be our lunch, on another hot day.

One drink that we tried was a Rose Water Soda, a non alcoholic drink that was suggested to me by a twitter friend. Now for me the Rose Water Soda just didn’t hit the mark, so we moved onto the Vietnamese Twice Cooked Beef Tacos pictured above. This dish was incredible, the taste was slightly sweet, slightly spicy, but not hot. The flavors were intense, and they were definitely a treat to the pallet. I will confess that they somehow seemed to give each of us a little bit of heartburn, but it was gone as quickly as it hit.

The girls wanted to try the Warm BBQ Pork Rolls, so that was next to be ordered. It came with several rolls and three dipping sauces. My daughter called them ” fancy Pigs in a Blanket” she was right, but they sure were good.

The folks at the table beside us were doing pretty much the same as us. Their order was for the Watermelon and sorbet, and the Lobster Pad Thai Roll. They were gorgeous!

So I know on my next trip, one afternoon will be spent at the Carthay  Circle Lounge with Noel and the menu. We’ll start at the beginning, and won’t be done until we try it all. If you feel like joining us let us know.

Bon Appetite!