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Archive for the ‘Disneyland Obsession Award Winners’ Category

From time to time I will introduce you to people that have a Disneyland Obsession just like me.

If you’re a fan of the characters and cast members at Disneyland , here’s a site for sore eyes.

This site has been put together by Britt Dietz, and it consist of hundreds of photos of cast members from all around the Disneyland Resort, taken over several years. Britt’s specialty is capturing the cast members that put on the parades and shows. He has a nice collection of costumed characters as well. He compiles these photos so the cast members will have easy access to their own photos. If you look around his site you may find that photo you missed of a princess, or Mickey, or any of the  other characters. Enjoy!

I think its safe to say that Britt has a Disneyland Obsession.

Disney Cast Magic Award

See Ya in the Parks

Lounging Mickey