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Meeting the LimousineOn our first family trip to Disneyland I wanted it to be a trip that we would never forget, especially for Rachel. She had just turned 9 and had been waiting for this day to arrive for some time. I wanted to wait till she was 9 so that she would be able to ride all the rides and never experience being turned away from a ride because of her size. So the day arrived, Mickey called to say he would see her later that day, our excitement was growing and up pulls the Limousine to take us to the air port. It would be Rachel’s first ride in a limousine,Limosine trip to the airporther first airplane ride, and her first visit to Disneyland. With all of these first, she was like a lightning bolt all bundled up in one very small girl, with so many smiles, questions every mile, and I have to admit I felt the same way, anticipating her arrival through the gates at Disneyland. That day was filled with more magical happenings than one person deserves, but then, thats exactly what the folks at Disneyland provide on a daily basis. We had made reservations at the Disneyland Hotel, and when we signed in at the desk, mentioned that it was our fist family visit and would love to have a room that overlooked the Hotel gardens. The clerk jump into action and found us a room with beautiful views of all the Hotel grounds. The room had views of waterfalls, trees, winding pathways, and ponds. Needless to say this Hotel clerk set the mood for the entire trip, presenting Rachel her first visit pin and a birthday pin telling her to wear them the whole time she was visiting. It was the Year Of A Million Dreams Celebration at Disneyland, and we were being treated to several dreams come true, every moment of our trip.

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