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I just saw an article at the Los Angeles Times about the work that went on at the Rivers Of America. Reporter Robert Faturechi asked the question, “What did you find at the bottom of an amusement park basin after seven years?” The answer was: “a computer tower, hundreds of cellphones, countless pacifiers and half a canoe”, said Disneyland Resort spokesman John McClintock. I for one know that there was also a Park Hopper Pass over by the loading area of the Rafts, because my daughter lost hers on the last day of one of our visits a few years back. I was also surprised that no cameras or glasses, or Trading Pins were reported being found. But I guess the list could be incomplete. To read the article in its entirety follow the link above. A special thanks to Robert Faturechi, of the Los Angeles Times, for finding the answer to What’s At The Bottom Of It All.

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