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On this page I will share with you some of my personal favorite photos.

These photo come from all around the

Disneyland Resort and Disney’s California Adventure Park.

This photo was taken on day 1 of my little girls first visit to Disneyland. She was thrilled to finally arrive at the place she had dreamed of for some time. It was my wife’s first visit too, both had the time of their lives, and returned many times since, each time with a greater love for Disneyland.

A quiet spot on the Rivers of America. There are several places around the Disneyland Resort that offer the Park guest a chance to slow down and have a little quiet time. Time to take in something besides all the people moving around, hurrying from one attraction to the other. I especially like the area over by the Hungry Bear Restaurant. There a hungry guest can get away for awhile to have lunch. I like the area closest to to the river with a view like this. I suppose I enjoy because I lived aboard a houseboat for almost 4 years, and had views like this every day.

A look back at the Sun Wheel in Disney California Adventure Park. I thought that it was a beautiful sight to see as I entered the Park. It may have been the Beach Boys music that you would near that helped to set the mood for the whole Park. But the combination of Sun and Sounds was great. I’ll miss it, and at the same time I look forward to what Disney will be bring us with their renovation of the Parks entrance.

A look at Grizzly Peak, from the other side of the Lagoon at Paradise Pier. I love they way Disney can create something that looks so natural, like it’s always been there, and blend in magic so that it resembles a Grizzly. Just way cool!

The Disneyland landmark, Matterhorn Mountain. One of my favorite images from a quiet day in the Park. On my very first trip to Disneyland as a kid, mom kept us busy and helped build our anticipation as we drove, by having us keep our eyes open for the mountain. You can only imagine the excitement when it finally came into view, we knew we had finally arrived. I still look for it as we get close today.


Courtesy of Google

This to me is one of those incredible shots that’s only possible because of the advances in technology over the years. It used to be that the only way to look down on something from above, was to hire an airplane and a photographer. Now all you have to do is dial into Google Earth, and you can see just about any spot on the earth from a satellite perched in the sky.

What I love most about this photo is it allows you to see how compact Disneyland really is. And how cleaver Walt and the Imagineers were when they laid out the most magical place on earth.

Disneyland City Hall at Christmas time. City Hall is the heart of Disneyland,. It’s the first place for any first time visitor to stop, let them know it’s your first visit to Disneyland, and you’ll get a special pin announcing to the world that it’s your first visit. Plus if your celebrating a birthday, anniversary, just married, or any special occasion, be sure to stop and let the folks at City Hall know, and they will help start building your memories of your Disneyland visit. And remember just above was Walt’s private quarters, look close and you’ll see the light they leave on in the window in honor of Walt Disney.

More of the Christmas splendor from Disneyland. The quality of this photo was not the best, but it still shows off a part of the parade festivities on Main Street U.S.A. This comes from my first visit to Disneyland during the Christmas Season, and I can say that Christmas is a favorite of mine especially at Disneyland.

Another of my favorite photos! This one if from Christmas time at Disneyland, and shows off the splendor of It’s A Small World. Every square inch of the attraction is covered in lights, and the brilliance of it just dazzles the eyes, and overwhelms you with the meaning and beauty of Christmas. When the music pays and the light show begins, it’s just awesome! The first time I saw it decked out this way, all I could think of was

” And I thought putting the lights up at home was a lot of work”


The Holiday time is upon us and at Disneyland the decorations are going up, and the D Land will be transformed into a magical wonderland. Everywhere you see Christmas decorations and hear Holiday music. Christmas at Disneyland is one of my favorite times to visit. I recommend that you visit the Parks at least once in your life to just experience what Disney can do, you be glad you did.

E.O. In The Park

Another great photo from E.O. on her recent trip to Disneyland during the Halloween season. One thing that should be noted from this photo, is the absence of large numbers of people. If you’ll notice the sky, there is a little haze indicating a cloudy day, which will slow some of the locals down, leaving the Park to only the brave guest from out of town. Plus the first day they arrived in the Park was Thursday, which is another way to avoid crowds. So keep that in mind when you plan your next trip. The Main Street Train Station is a beautiful building, framed by the trees and staircase, creating an anchor, opposite to the castle.

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