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Here I will present videos from the Disneyland Resort, and Disney California Adventure Park. Some will be my own and some will be videos that I just have to share.
This Video is from the Disney California Adventure Park Block Party Bash, a really fun show, filled with music , high energy, and some really cool toys that the cast members got to play with. They got everyone involved in the fun.

Here’s a video that showcases just the beauty of Disneyland. Some of the things I love best about any visit to the Park.

Remember Dreams Come True Fireworks Show.

Here’s a video I created to honor the work done by Paul Barrie on his Window to the Magic Podcast. Its a great podcast to listen to when you get homesick for the most magical place in the world, Disneyland. As you listen you can feel the park as if you’re there.

The Electrical Parade.

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