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The first time I walked around the corner at Disney’s California Adventure Park, and saw the California Zephyr sitting like it was at the train station, waiting for passengers to load, was a flash back to my youth. You see when I was a child it was an annual even, that every summer my great grand parents would plan a trip back home to Missouri to visit with family and friends. This trip took great planning and preparation on everyone’s part, which included the whole family going to the train station, waiting for that big orange engine to roll in and stop. Nonnie and Pappy ( my great grand parents) were of course dressed in their finest travel clothes, and excitedly boarded the train for that 3 day trip back home. It almost brought tears to my eyes as I took in that train sitting there, expecting to see Nonnie and Pappy waving from the window as they took their seats, just like they always did.

I do spend a fair amount of time on Twitter sharing my Disneyland Obsession with others. I love hearing the short Twitter stories, and seeing photos from around the Parks, as they happen. It’s another way to feel like your at the parks when you can’t be in the Parks or visiting

Today I met Anthony Val Verde @ThonyNYC on Twitter, who posted up this photo, and gave me permission to share it with you. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen this perspective on the Rivers of America and the areas that surrounds it. I’m always amazed at how lush the vegetation is. But I have never been able to catch this nice a photo.  @ThonyNYC was able capture this great photo, taken on a beautiful Disneyland day. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing more.

On one of our trip to Disneyland, we invited Eddie to make the trip with us. Eddie is our grandson, and it was his first trip ever to Disneyland. One of our greatest joys is introducing someone to the Parks. It refreshes the feeling you had on your first visit, as you experience the Parks through their eyes, sharing all of their new discoveries. If your a long time Disneyland fan, and want to feel like a kid at Disneyland again, take kid on their first trip. It’s great fun, just look at that smile.

This photo was taken in 2005 at the Disneyland Hotel. The Hotel at the time had many locations throughout the grounds set aside for guest to capture those precious moments with their family. As we strolled around the grounds I captured this photo, it was my daughters first visit, one that we will never forget.

This photo is from my daughters first trip to Disneyland. The excitement we all experienced on that trip was amazing. Along with this being her first trip, it was my wife’s first trip as well. It was the beginning of our Disneyland Obsession. We have been many times since that trip, with many more trips planned in the future.

If you notice the smile on that little girls face, you’ll have a good idea of how she looked the entire time. She smiles like that every time we go, and so does mom.

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