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Here’s a photo of the Sun Wheel in Disney California Adventure Park. It was almost the first thing you would see as you entered through the gates to the Park. A massive work of art that seemed to just float in mid air, while reflecting the brilliance of the sun. I always loved walking into the Park and hearing the Beach Boys singing about California Girls, and seeing that giant sun glistening and welcoming the Park guest to their California Adventure.

This picture comes from our first family trip to Disneyland. Rachel had been waiting patiently for this trip, it was something we planned and talked about for along time. See Rachel was a premature baby, just 3lbs 8oz at birth, so she was small for her age. We wanted to be sure that she was tall enough to ride any ride she wanted, to avoid any disappointments on her first trip. it was a very long first day, with airports and planes and Disneyland. She was a real trooper and made it through all the excitement one little girl could stand. As soon as we got back to the room at the Disneyland Hotel, she crawled in her bed and was out. The blankets weren’t even messed up come morning. I guess I should tell you it’s like this every time we go. And there nothing more sweet than your baby fast asleep after a big day.

Another one of the Hidden Treasures at Disneyland. Everywhere throughout the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure Park, if you just take the time to look, you’ll find what I call hidden treasure. Disneyland crews put a great deal of effort and detail everywhere. There aren’t to many places that are left out of the magical touch. I always say to first time visitors to slow down a little, and look at the areas between the major attractions, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

Here’s a photo that always bring a smile, taken outside of the Sierra Tower at the Disneyland Hotel. The girls, my granddaughter is on the right, and an unknown girl, discovered an exhaust fan set in the flower bed and as it would cycle on and off they would get busy. Each time it came on they would watch as the leaves they placed on the grate, floated and danced above their heads, as they darted around trying to catch them as they fell. It provided a great deal of joy and entertainment, for the children and adults.

This is a photo that I am very fond of, because of the little boy standing at the rail. When I took this picture I was walking along and just decided to take a quick snapshot. These kinds of photos don’t always turn out, but sometimes you end up with something completely free, unstructured, and revealing an untold story. This is one of those lucky shots. It took me a second to actually see what was there, I almost cropped the photo to remove the boy, but decided instead to leave him in the shot. That little boy starring across the Lagoon, taking in all that he sees, is fixed on the magic, and so is the little boy in me, every time I go to Disneyland.

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