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Entrance Animal Kingdom


Our visit to Walt Disney World Animal Kingdom Park was on our 3rd day at the Parks. We had great expectations of this Park, what with the Expedition Everest, the Safari, and the hope that it would be filled with nature best.

As we approached the entrance I became aware of all the plantings that Imagineers had put in place, to create an illusion that you were about to enter a jungle. A jungle that I was sure would be a once in a life time experience. One filled with every kind of critter  and plant you could imagine.

Instead we found that this was going to be a park jammed on the day of our visit with everyone in the world trying to walk along narrow pathways, and denying the use of a camera, or the chance to just stop and take in the area you were in.

Tree Of Life Animal Kingdom Park

In preparing for our first visit to WDW, we had read that the Animal Kingdom Park was usually a pretty quiet Park, one that has the lowest number of visitors on any given day. But you can see from the photo above, everyone must have read the same reports as we did, and headed  to Animal Kingdom Park.

At times you couldn’t walk 3 feet before you had to adjust your course, to avoid the crush of strollers and people, all heading the other way. For a while I thought that we might be in the wrong lane, driving against oncoming traffic. But alas all roads were headed in the other direction.

Curtesy of Disney

After wondering for what seemed like a lifetime, we finally saw the Mountain raising up above us, Expedition Everest was straight ahead, with a one hour wait time to ride. We decided that the wait would be worth it, and grabbed a fast pass so we could ride it again after our wait.

The ride, the setting, the queue, all were incredibly beautiful and intricate, everything we had expected. The ride itself was thrilling and a great adventure into a mountain that was haunted by a broken Yeti. But to be honest that portion of the ride that takes you backwards down the mountain at what felt like breakneck speed, left us all a little queasy, so we gave away our fast passes for our later ride.


We were able to take the Safari ride, and managed to see a few animals, but we saw fewer than we expected, and were glad to see the barn where we were able to get off the rough ride.

So as you can tell from my report, Animal Kingdom Park was just  something that we had to visit, after all it was our very first visit to WDW, and who knows we may never get another chance to visit. So it was important that we catch as much as we could in our 5 days at Walt Disney World Florida.

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