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We here at Disneyland Obsession would like to introduce you to Joel. Joel has a Blog called The Tiki Outpost, his twitter account is Coconut Wireless and he hails from Hawaii. He’s a one of those people that you might say has a Disneyland Obsession, well at least a Disney Obsession. Joel is one of those rare, and lucky individuals that has been to Disney Parks all over the world.

Courtesy of The Tiki Outpost

Joel has been making several trips to the Aulani Resort area, and has been photographing the progress. As you might know the Aulani Resort is about 6 months away from its opening, and the construction crews are putting on the finishing touches inside and out.

Courtesy of The Tiki Outpost

Here are two photos from the same vantage point, you can see just how massive a project the Aulani Resort is, and the amount of detail that has gone into every phase of construction. And when you speak of detail the pool area comes to mind. The center of the Aulani Resort will have it own mountain just like every Disney Resort. But in this case it is a volcano that will double as a water slide into the vast blue Hawaiian waters that will surround the central part of the Resort.

Courtesy of The Tiki Outpost


Joel has taken lots of photos, way to many to share here, but we encourage you visit his Fliker page to check out all of his camera handy work, you’ll be glad you did.


Joel is such a Disney fan that he even entered the Chief Magic Official contest that Disney sponsored, here is his final entry. The winner of this contest would have become a virtual Disney Ambassador. So sadly Joel didn’t make it to the top finalist, to bad for Disney.

So stop by his blog The Tiki Outpost or You can follow him at Coconut Wireless on Twitter.

But either way say hi, and make a new Disney friend, I did. And I want to say Thank You Joel for letting me share your photos and you story with our readers.

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