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I been at Disneyland on many occasions over the years, with absolutely no problems of any kind. But there was one time, when the family had just ridden on one of our favorite ride, Indian Jones And The Temple Of The Forbidden Eye. Everything had gone as normal, the usual bumps and turns. But as I made my way out of the ride, I noticed blood on my shirt. Not a lot, just a little, and began searching for where it came from. I finally found that in the ride I had received a cut on my upper thumb.
Now I admit that in the ride I hang on pretty good, and brace myself for the next skid around the corner, so I couldn’t believe that I had got cut somehow. I hadn’t felt anything at all, it didn’t hurt now, but I was bleeding pretty good. I approached a groundskeeper that was close by and asked if he knew where I could get a band-aid that I could put on my cut. He had one in his pocket, who would have guessed, but it solved my problem very quickly.
But what happens if you get really sick, and need medical attention? Well Disney has that well in control with their medical staff. They have registered nurses on staff to respond to any emergency. I’ve actually seen them in action, running through Tomorrowland on their way to assist someone who had gotten ill, with a wheel chair and medical bag, just like you can see in the video below. I always figured that Disneyland had a good medical facility to help people in need, but never thought that it was as large as the one they show. Check it out, you’ll be surprised, and you’ll feel confident, that should you get hurt at Disneyland, the staff has you covered.

4 Responses to “You Get Hurt At Disneyland – What Do You Do?”

  • Anna:

    Glenn, my son actually cut his knuckles on the red corn dog cart near first aid. He stuck his fingers in the grill and when he pulled them out…he cut his knuckles. This was about 18 years ago. They fixed him up in first aid, had me sign something and we were on our way. Funny thing is he stuck his finger in the donation box at the market and got his fingers stuc earlier that year. We couldn’t get them out, they had to get baby oil from aisle 9. We finally got his fingers out, and the store manager wanted to give him a toy. I looked at them and told them you will do no such thing. I wouldn’t allow my son to receive a gift for something that was his fault.

    • Glenn:

      Thanks for sharing Anna:
      Though I suspect your son may not appriciate that you shared his story, now that he’s older. Kids do have an ability to get into places no one else can. But the great thing is that the folks at Disneyland could make it all better. Gotta Love Em

  • Shirlee:

    Disney Medical Staff is the BEST!!!!!I experienced it first hand probably 18 years ago. I was carrying my sleeping daughter to the train in New Orleans Square, the steps were wet and I slipped, dropped my daughter. My foot swelled instantly, my daughter was screaming, another guest helped us. Before you knew it there was a nurse with a wheelchair, suddenly I was part of the Main Street Electrical Parade (see I told you it was a long time ago), another golf cart type car took my daughter, my mom and my son to the medical place. Not sure where it was as I was crying and trying to hide my face from embarrassment. Their care was the best, went way out of their way. Put us all up in a hotel for the night (my ankle was broke), gave my kids all kinds of souvenirs. We even got a package from Disney that Christmas with tons of Christmas decorated stuff. Everyone said I should have sued (they had a broken sprinkler that pooled water on the steps) but after the excellent way they treated us there was no reason what so ever to.

    • Glenn:

      Hi Shirlee
      Thanks for sharing your story, and I’m glad that no one was hurt more seriously, I would have been scared at first for sure.
      I’ll share that I have sat over by the Red Corn Dog Wagon on Main Street, ( yes eating a corn dog) and watched the people going in and out of the First Aid Station located in that corner. It appeared to me that nearly everyone using that service was there for blisters on their toes and heels, from all the walking. I think one man had gotten bandages on his arm wet, and the Disney Nurses helped with a change into dry ones.
      They really do try to keep everyone healty and happy, and as a dad, that’s comforting to know.
      Thanks again for sharing, maybe well see you in the Parks some day.

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