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If your planning a visit to the Disneyland Resort during the month of July, you’ll want to know what can you expect to experience with your visit. July is what Disney refers to as a Peak time of the year. Attendance will be greater during the summer months than many of the other month of the year. The park hours are set to there longest days, opening early, about 8:00 am, and remaining open till 11:00 or 12:00.

Schools are out, and families are taking their yearly vacation, and many will choose Disneyland as the best destination for their family. So attendance will be at higher levels, and wait times will be longer on most attractions.

Holdays will include the 4th of July when Disneyland puts on a fireworks celebration.

For the most part July is not a time of year that will see ride closures, unless an attraction is being rebuilt during a large project or to complete some discovered necessary repairs.

Tempratures historically will be highs in the 80s lows in the 60s, with rainfall almost nonexistant.

So outside of the higher numbers of Park guest it’s a great time to visit.

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